DiGIR phpProvider Help

$Id: DiGIR_help.php,v 1.2 2003/05/06 20:33:23 vieglais Exp $

Exposes a DiGIR (Distributed Generic Information Retrieval) interface which allows programmatic access to underlying information resources.

General Information

HTTP serviceApache/2.2.21 (Unix)
DiGIR version$Revision: 1.21 $
DiGIR build#104


Operation parameters may be specified using HTTP POST or GET. Where a parameter value is specified in both GET and POST, the GET value takes precedence.

operation ("search" | "getContent") = search and return records
("scan") = scan a column (enumerate unique values
("getCapabilities" | "metadata") = return metadata
"help" return this information.
filterPQN or DiGIR filter structure
resourceName of the resource being queried
startRecZero based index of the first record to retrieve from the result set
maxRecsMaximum number of records to retrieve
clientKeyOptional value that will be attached to each record element as an attribute called clientKey
recordStructXMLSchema or schema fragment defining the output record structure
countRecsset to true or 1 to return the match count as a diagnostic in the response
debugset to 1 to output a bunch of debug information
cacheset to 0 or 1 to turn off or on the caching mechanism (default is on)


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